【Check-in and check-out time】
Check-in time: After 03:00 pm 
Check-out time: Before 11:00 am 
Late check-out: NT$500 will be charged for 1 hour, more than 2 hours will be counted as one night fee.
Last check-in: Before 08:00 pm

【Number of guests and visitors】
No over-occupancy, please inform the number of occupants (including infants) when booking, so that we can arrange a suitable room for you.
However, in order to respect the daily life of the neighbors and maintain the quality of accommodation of other travelers, it is not possible to receive your visitors in the B&B.
※Visitors found to be illegally staying overnight will be charged NT$3000/night
※Children over 7 years old are included in the bed occupancy and are charged as adults. Parents are requested to give their children above elementary school age a good quality of accommodation when traveling.

【Multi-family homestay】
We are a B&B adjacent to the Sun Moon Lake fishermen's neighbors. In order to maintain the daily life of neighbors, it is strictly forbidden to run, jump on the floor, step on, scream, throw toys and make loud noises in the homestay space after 9:00 pm to 9:00 am the next day. If the above regulations make you feel If you can't enjoy it, please refer to other accommodation directly and do not book a room. If you violate the above regulations, you will be assisted in checking out and no refund will be given.